Lost in aisles of trashy kitsch,
was born to
revolutionize design

Until the past few years, I was probably a lot like you: someone who searched for innovative, stylish products that differentiated themselves in quality and appearance from the mundane goods that cluttered shelves everywhere.

Then, one day, my life took a sharp and sudden turn. With a Karim Rashid garbage can in tow, I walked down the aisles of one of those home megastores to the bath section searching for a shower curtain and rings. Finding nothing but cute kitschy to totally abhorrent, I wondered why trash cans were being blessed by design stardust and yet the bath continued to be relegated to design Siberia.

It is from this experience that the idea of kontextür was born. I wanted to help create unique and well-crafted objects, that do not merely exist in this world, but in some way, big or small, transform their environments by moving beyond the expected. It is with this in mind that we grappled to discover new solutions to the tried (and untrue), and bring you our distinctive line of bath products.

Kenneth Schiller
Founder & Creative Director