Lonny Magazine- May/June 2011

Kontextur Moondance Shower Curtain Shades of Gold

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Modern in Denver- Spring 2011
Make A Splash This Spring! All About H20

Modern In Denver Takes A Look At 17 Useful Products That Will Quench Your Thirst For Great Design!

You’re all grown up. It’s time to toss that flimsy cup and get a real toothbrush holder. Enter the Kontextur VIKTOR toothbrush holder, for a touch of art near your bathroom sink. Comes in three shapes and colors, including 18k gold.

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NYTimes Holiday Gift Guide- Dec 2010
Home and Decorating Gifts for Under $250

An unexpected gift idea
Clyde Soap Brush/Dish in Red Bristles on Bone

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House Beautiful- Dec/Jan 2011
the BEST! for the bath

Toothbrush Holders
Stands plated in 18-karat gold are a chic alternative to the ordinary toothbrush tumbler. Fits most razors, too. (Viktor holders shot with Paul Smith Toothbrushes)

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F5- October 10, 2010

Gold migrated back from the caste of abject derelicts in Design, used as an indicator of contemporary taste. It's amazing how this precious metal accents a space and dethrones the standard bath object.

The support for a toothbrush/shaver in form of an inverted pen cap was exclusively created for the bathroom - this product seems to say that there is no other place more important than the owner's bathroom. This accessory is made from a gold-plated molten zinc in three different shapes. And if you buy all three of them, this will create quite a fantastic story.

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Lonny- October 2010
GIFT GUIDE LUXURY: When over-the-top is the only thing that fits the bill

Million-dollar smile:
18K Gold Toothbrush/Razor Holders

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Array Magazine- October 2010
Trove: Beautiful new ways to root out weeds, radiate style, and steam heat simultaneously, hold a razor or toothbrush with panache, and mix feathers and crystals in heavenly fashion.

Who would think "teeth" or shaving when shopping for inspired gifts? Luckily for the design-obsessed, Icelander Hlynur Atlason did and sculpted the Viktor toothbrush and razor holders to jazz up our most humdrum morning rituals. The set of three sleek shapes is available in 18k gold $55, silver $50, and black nickel $45. An artistic addition to any bathroom.

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Gear Patrol- August 16, 2010
Shaving Essential: Kontextür Viktor Black Nickel Razor Holders

Leaving that nice new razor on the bathroom counter, or worse, exposing the blades to the counter surface, is contradictory to a clutter-free bathroom (you have a clutter-free bathroom, right?). Problem is, the options at Bed Bath & Beyond aren’t just dime-a-dozen, they’re also painfully absent of good design. The Kontextür Viktor Razor Holders look fantastic in black nickel and each set includes three variations. Use one for a razor, a toothbrush, and put the third on your desk to dock the Namiki Falcon Pen once you finish penning your next screenplay.

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San Francisco Chronicle- August 8, 2010
Shower lines hint it may be curtains for vinyl

The design standard for shower curtains has been rising lately. The usual cheap and serviceable vinyl options are still around but are slowly giving ground to more ecologically sound and creative approaches.

Kenneth Schiller of Kontextür in New York, who raised the bar on shower curtain rings last year with three flashy modern designs, has just introduced four curtains by British designer Kaniez Abdi that challenge convention in both fabrication and sustainability.

Two are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a recyclable plastic: Happiness features a field of metallic palettes of violet, green, silver or gold that are "like a flower blooming from a crack in the sidewalk," Schiller said, while Color-Coded is meant to be more conservative with a layer of organza dotted with tiny squares of color stitched over the plastic.

Abdi used bamboo, a new nontoxic fabric idea, to create Blossom, which features a tree design of recycled plastic, hand-embroidered in six neon colors. And for a delicate look, Moondance offers orbs of taffeta stitched between a layer of mesh tulle and organza.

Kontextür's curtains are meant to be artisanal." I created these textiles to be more like couture, one-off designs," Abdi said. Prices range from $150 to $195 per curtain.

Schiller said he hopes other producers will begin using the more expensive and nontoxic TPU in place of the off-gassing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) commonly used in shower curtains.

The curtains do need liners. New alternatives to PVC are made of PEVA, a non-vinyl chlorine-free product or EVA, ethylene vinyl acetate, Schiller suggested.

The smell of new shower curtains bothered Canadian merchant Bei Linda Tang before she ever read recent reports on toxic chemicals being found in the blood samples of Canadian citizens.

"I never really liked plastic shower curtains," she said. "I once aired one out for three days before using it."

- Laura Thomas

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REAL SIMPLE- August 2010

PERSONAL SHOPPER: SHOWER CURTAIN - A well-considered pick can give your bathroom a miracle makeover. We hunted down 11 stunners so you don't have to.
EMBELLISHED WHITES. FLOATING METALLIC DISCS: on billowy sheer fabric could be even more artful with brass hardware. Organza, tulle, and taffeta. (Hand wash) TO BUY: Moondance.

Solutions: Problem-Solvers of the Month

2. SLEEK TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER: A high-design solution to a familiar dilemma. Where to stash the toothbrush? The black nickel model, which hails from Iceland, fits just about any handle.

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also read online - VIKTOR toothbrush holders
and featured online - Moondance Gold Shower Curtains

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map magazine [australia]- June 2010
village search // bathroom. . . beauty: Viktor

Many cosmetic and skincare brands have cottoned on to the fact that visually pleasing packaging makes for a far more desirable purchase for modern aesthetics. Designer of bathroom decor Kontextür is on a mission to transform functional bath accessories into sexy objets d'art, by combining playful function with organic form. The VIKTOR collection of irreverent toothbrush and razor holders is an elegant step up from the conventional communal toothbrush cup, and is available in black nickel, real silver, and 18k gold for those who desire a truly luxurious bathroom experience.

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natural waves: Earthy accents with a twist

Happiness thermoplastic polyurethane shower curtain with paillete flower in leaf green by Kontextür

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KBCULTURE Awards- May 2010
Storage Winner: Viktor

Finished in black nickel, silver and 18k gold, these razor/toothbrush holders are evocative objects in themselves; look closely and you'll see hooves, tree roots and pedestal bases, all items that have a connection to the ground. Comments from the judge: 'An unexpected, artistic delight—with a practical purpose—that will brighten the daily rituals in the bath.'

KBCULTURE is a selective review of the products, places and perspectives central to kitchen and bath design. Judged by Leslie Clagett, editor of Arts + Architecture and Kitchens & Baths, and author of The New City Home.

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NEW YORK SPACES- May/June 2010
BLACK & WHITE: smart, stylish designs that make an emphatic statement

PUT A RING ON IT: Glossy, grooved curtain rings from Kontextür's Bamboo series are available in Midnight, Ice, and Snow.

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Design Milk- April 28, 2010
New from Kontextür

Last year we featured Kontextür's acrylic shower curtain rings. Now, Kontextür is back with two brand new collections: a line of couture shower curtains designed by the talented British textile artist, Kaniez Abdi, that incorporate environmentally-friendly materials such as TPU and a series of sculptural, organic-shaped toothbrush holders designed by the NYC-based Icelandic designer Hlynur Atlason.

Designed by the NYC-based Icelandic designer, Hlynur Atlason, the VIKTOR collection features a set of three toothbrush/razor holders available in three metal finishes – black nickel, real silver and 18k gold. Each holder is distinctly sculptural and beautifully detailed yet fulfills a functional niche. Pricing starts at $45.

The company’s first line of couture shower curtains is designed by the award-winning British textile designer Kaniez Abdi. The collection includes four distinct designs made with high-quality materials such as bamboo, tulle and taffeta and finished with traditional cut and sew techniques. Two of the curtain designs, Happiness and Color-coded, also use TPU – a high-performance, recyclable plastic that is much more environmentally friendly than PVC. Pricing starts at $150.

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Sicka than average- April 23, 2010
Viktor Victory -- Introducing Kontextur's VIKTOR Toothbrush Holders

In the past, I've raved about Kontextur's Lifesavers-colored shower curtain rings, but that was just the beginning for this risk-taking home design line. The cutting-edge company recently teamed up with New York City-based Icelandic designer Hlynur Atlason to create a series of bath accessories. The VIKTOR toothbrush and razor holders pictured above, then, are the first installments in the collaborative series.

The VIKTOR holders are sturdy and hefty enough to withstand the weight of most toothbrushes — even though they're significantly smaller in size and their openings remarkably more shallow than those of traditional toothbrush holders. Each toothbrush/razor holder features a unique sculptural design — one is shaped like a concave cyilinder, with four angular prongs that create a star-like shape along the base; another features a square base with a perfectly circular opening positioned along the top; and yet another boasts an asymmetrical cylindrical shape, so that it almost looks like the entire thing was squeezed together, yielding a teardrop-like point on one end of its base and creating a bit of a slope along the top surface.

Not only are these toothbrush holders interesting from a design perspective, but they have several functional benefits. For one, they minimize bulk around the bathroom sink area (which tends to be quite overcrowded). Plus, since they're more compact both in terms of surface area covered and in terms of height, you don't have to worry about all the grime and muck that tends to gather in cup-shaped toothbrush holders. Now that's modernity at its best!

Each trio of toothbrush holders is available in 18k gold, black nickel and silver, so you can select the right scheme to fit your decor.

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THE GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2009- March 1, 2010

kontextür, for the first time, was awarded the GOOD DESIGN Award for the NEON+SQUARED curtain rings collection.

The GOOD DESIGN Awards was founded in Chicago 1950 by architects Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames and Edgar Kaufmann.

For 2009, the GOOD DESIGN Awards were judged in New York by an international jury of design professionals, architects, experts, and cultural leaders.

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San Francisco Chronicle- January 24, 2009
Kontextür shower curtain rings

Your basic trash can has become a design icon, thanks to Karim Rashid. Now actor turned designer Kenneth Schiller is striving to do the same thing for shower curtain rings made by his company, Kontextür.

Schiller was walking through a home megastore with the Rashid can by Umbra in his hand, looking for something equally intriguing to hang his shower curtain on. The lack of anything appealing prompted Schiller to create the line of bold acrylic rings, inspired by wrist bangles: "I love color and chunkiness."

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Hamptons Cottages & Gardens- September 2009
Hang Tight

Kontextur's glossy acrylic curtain rings (available in quicksilver, chalk, gold dust, and onyx) are a modern accent--and just the bling your windows need.

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NEW YORK SPACES- May/June 2009
Raise the Curtain

Kenneth Schiller's architextural Kontextür curtain rings are sold in sets of 12. Five translucent colors.

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hospitality design- April, 2009
To market | bathroom products

Kontextür adds color and modernism to the bathroom with new stylish curtain rings. Threes styles are available: the Bamboo Series, Neon+Squared Series, and the Aura Series, shown here in onyx, gold dust, quicksilver, and chalk colors.

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REAL SIMPLE- April 2009

green pieces
Some of these items are terrific steals. Others are splurges built to last. But they all breathe new life in a space.


Neon+Squred acrylic curtain rings,

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DREAMBook Magazine- Spring '09

They're ubiquitous, and therefore, they're often ignored: shower rings. Newly launched Kontextür is a company that holds all items accountable when it comes to good design.

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New York Times Currents | Bath- January 14, 2009
Next Comes the Curtain

Kontextür, a Manhattan company, offers a fashionable departure from typical metal and plastic shower-curtain rings with three acrylic styles: Neon+Squared, which comes in five bright colors; Bamboo, an exaggerated take on a bamboo motif, in black, white and clear; and Aura, the simplest and most ringlike of the three, in black, silver, gold and white.

“We really wanted to shake up the notion of what a curtain ring could be,” said the company’s owner, Kenneth Schiller. “A chunky body with asymmetrical lines shown in bold fashion hues seemed to do the trick.”

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Gifts & Decorative Accessories- January 2009
Decorative Accessories: Mod Home

Bring a pop of color and a modern edge to the home. The Aura curtain rings feature a looped high-gloss clea acrylic overlay with a colored interior. Available in four colors: onyx, gold dust, quiksilver and chalk.

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Hartford Courant- January 30, 2009
Eye-Catching Curtain Rings Share Center Stage

Oh, the lowly curtain ring.

I never gave much thought to the objects that firmly hold my curtains in place, happy to simply have found the right curtains at the right price.

But a New York-based company, kontextür, has introduced a new line of curtain rings that aims to shift your eyes away from the curtains and onto the rings.

"When I started out on this venture, it seemed to me that with a little thought and ingenuity, the curtain ring could be pushed beyond its current unattractive state," says company founder and designer Kenneth Schiller, who was frustrated by his own search for unique shower curtain rings. "I wanted to create special and well-crafted objects that do not merely exist in this world but in some way, big or small, transform their environments by moving beyond the expected."

The result are colorful, modern rings that can be used to accent window or shower curtains.

There are three styles of rings, including the more subdued bamboo series that are grooved and notched.

We especially like the Neon Squared Series (shown) for their unusual shape and bold colors that could easily add drama to a room, especially the bathroom.

Hartford Courant kontextür article

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DeZona sign
You Would Never Guess…

It is clear that we are in an age of heightened design-focused consumerism when even the lowly garbage has been transformed into an objet d’art. That said, it’s hard to believe that, the curtain ring, an element found in nearly every house seems to have been neglected - until now. The New York based company Kontextur has declared “Enough Ugly, More Pretty,” and has radically changed these objects from ordinary to extraordinary.?

The current line of Kontextur products includes three acrylic curtain ring designs:

Neon Squared Series
Architectural lines and bold colours define this series. A two-part system was developed to create the special shape. This combined with its eye-popping hues gives it the look of jewellery - a row of bangles across a curtain rod. Available in five colors: green concentrate, red concentrate, blue concentrate, orange concentrate and purple concentrate.

Aura Series
This design features a looped high-gloss clear acrylic overlay, with a coloured interior. Aura boasts an urban, industrial look that’s simple but elegant. Its high-tech chic shape is reminiscent of the iconic Apple mouse. Available in four colors: onyx, gold dust, quicksilver, and chalk.

Bamboo Series
Grooved and notched, this is a contemporary take on a bamboo look. Soothing and serene but updated with a modern and edgy twist. Bamboo is available in three colors: midnight, ice and snow.

DeZona sign kontextür article

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Sicka than average- January 30, 2009
Shower With Praise: Kontextur's Curtain Rings

Who knew shower curtain rings could actually be sexy? I mean, I've seen some rings that are average-looking and maybe even pretty (though that might be pushing it), but sexy? Not so much. Geesh, it's hard enough to fins an actual shower curtain that's not covered in some hideous Little House On The Prairie-esque flower print or with childish neon fish designs and atlas-like maps. Fortunately, the New York City-based design line kontextur is bringing a discerning eye to the bathroom, giving this oft neglected space its groove back.

Specializing in modern, sleek and incredibly attractive shower rings, kontextur offers consumers three basic options to select from: the Bamboo Series, featuring grooved acrylic in stark hues like black, white or clear; the Neon + Squared series, boasting playful rings with square-cut tops in vivid neon hues such as red, green, orange, purple and blue; and the Aura Series, featuring high-gloss, acrylic oval rings with metal-colored inserts.

Pictured at top are some rings from the lust-worthy Neon + Squared series (my personal fave), while below it, you can check out the modern, flossy Aura series rings. Don't they make a steamy shower seem like a much sexier proposition?

Sicka than average kontextür article

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House Beautiful- June, 2008
The Best!

Costume jewelry for your bathroom. Acrylic shower curtain rings, $85 for a set of $12 in one of five colors.

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dwell online- Dec 2008

Shower curtain rings might not cross your mind as a top addition to a tradition wish list, but if you picture your bathroom accented with these funky, functional pieces we think you'll make an excpetion.

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